Icom 7300 Microphone Christmas Savings Plan

icom 7300 microphoneThe Icom 7300 microphone that's included with the radio gets great audio reports, but I can't use a hand mic while contesting or running a net. When I first received my Icom 7300 I ordered a Heil Y cable with blocking capacitor so I could continue using my dynamic microphones. They weren't real expensive mics, but I wanted to use what I had. Others [...]

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Raspberry Pi WSJT-X WSPR

wsjt raspberry pi
Well it's easier than I thought! The Raspberry Pi WSJT-X installation that is. The Raspberry Pi 3 doesn’t take up much room at all! That's the beauty of this little gem [...]

Fldigi Running On Raspberry Pi 3 – Icom 7300

Fldigi, Icom 7300, Raspberry Pi 3 I've been looking for some more things to do with the Raspberry Pi 3. DXSpider is running on one of them and the other is used for testing. [...]

DXSpider Raspberry Pi 3 Configuring Partner Links

DXSpider Raspberry Pi 3 Snapshot
Now that we have our DXSpider Raspberry Pi 3 running; the ./cluster.pl launched and we are able to bring up the console, we need to make some partner links. See my previous [...]

Raspberry Pi 3 DXSpider Installation

raspberry pi 3
The Raspberry Pi 3 DXSpider installation is a little different than on the older units. I found a few guides on the internet for installing DXSpider on the Raspberry Pi 1 [...]

Raspberry Pi 3 Ham Radio Projects

Okay what's a Raspberry Pi 3 you ask? Simply put, it's a very small, very inexpensive, linux based pc board. The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest, fastest and best of all the [...]

Ameritron AL-811 Repairs – Popping Noise

Ameritron AL-811 Repairs - Capacitors
Boy, where to start on my Ameritron AL-811 repairs? It started a couple of months ago when I replaced the tubes.I took the cover off, replaced the tubes and one of the [...]

Alpha MOTO Mobile Antenna

alpha moto
I purchased my Alpha MOTO off of E-bay back in January of this year. It appealed to me because it was advertised as a 6 - 40 Meter mobile antenna. It requires an antenna tuner [...]

Icom 7300 Spectrum Scope Settings Video

Icom 7300 Spectrum Scope - View
The Icom 7300 spectrum scope is fantastic! I have been using my Icom 7300 a lot and one the best features is the spectrum scope. The default settings are good, but I liked the [...]

NPOTA South Dakota – Wind Cave And Jewel Cave

So for my NPOTA South Dakota I was able to activate a few new one's over the Labor Day week. Wind Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument and The Minuteman Missile [...]

NPOTA – K0PIR Activating Wind Cave And Jewel Cave

Just a heads up; I'll be activating a couple of parks next week for NPOTA. NPOTA Schedule September 7 - 17:00 to 21:00 UTC I'll be in Wind Cave National Park (NP55) [...]