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Icom Hand Mic Caution Icom Transceivers

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Here’s an Icom hand mic caution and I am not bashing Icom for this quirk, but I do think it is something that needs to be known. When using the supplied hand mic with the Icom 7300 or Icom 7610 the up/down buttons are active when transmitting in phone modes. Whether you are using memory mode or not, if the …

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Icom 7610 Heat Sink, Loose or Detached ADC Heatsinks

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There’s a new thread in the Icom 7610 forum discussing the Icom 7610 ADC heat sinks. Evidentially, during a production run, one or possibly two heat sinks were not held into place long enough for the adhesive to attach the heat sink securely. Some Icom 7610 owners have reported loose or detached heat sinks in the Icom 7610. Note: …

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Upgrade Your Hard Drive to a SSHD the EASY Way

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Upgrading a hard drive can be an intimidating and time consuming process, but it may be necessary to speed up your computer and help it run smoothly. Computers are an integral part of Ham Radio these days and I consider mine a part of my Ham station. Have you wanted to upgrade your hard drive? Given this method, it’s very …

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Icom 7610 Clock, Timers and Network- How To

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This post on the Icom 7610 clock and timers will not apply to the Icom 7300. It is very interesting though, so please read on. The Icom 7610 has an ethernet port, two clocks and 5 scheduled timers plus a sleep timer. It can also connect to your home networks router with an inexpensive wireless access point/bridge and sync time …