Raspberry Pi 3 Ham Radio Projects

91vrppemjhl-_sl1500_Okay what's a Raspberry Pi 3 you ask? Simply put, it's a very small, very inexpensive, linux based pc board. The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest, fastest and best of all the models. It features built-in Bluetooth and wireless too. Just add a micro SD Card, HDMI monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply and you have a very small and very inexpensive PC. Don't [...]

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Ameritron AL-811 Repairs – Popping Noise

Ameritron AL-811 Repairs - Capacitors
Boy, where to start on my Ameritron AL-811 repairs? It started a couple of months ago when I replaced the tubes.I took the cover off, replaced the tubes and one of the [...]

Alpha MOTO Mobile Antenna

alpha moto
I purchased my Alpha MOTO off of E-bay back in January of this year. It appealed to me because it was advertised as a 6 - 40 Meter mobile antenna. It requires an antenna tuner [...]

Icom 7300 Spectrum Scope Settings Video

Icom 7300 Spectrum Scope - View
The Icom 7300 spectrum scope is fantastic! I have been using my Icom 7300 a lot and one the best features is the spectrum scope. The default settings are good, but I liked the [...]

NPOTA South Dakota – Wind Cave And Jewel Cave

So for my NPOTA South Dakota I was able to activate a few new one's over the Labor Day week. Wind Cave National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument and The Minuteman Missile [...]

NPOTA – K0PIR Activating Wind Cave And Jewel Cave

Just a heads up; I'll be activating a couple of parks next week for NPOTA. NPOTA Schedule September 7 - 17:00 to 21:00 UTC I'll be in Wind Cave National Park (NP55) [...]

NPOTA – W0PIR Activating Minuteman Missile Nat’l Historic Monument (NS53)

The Pierre Amateur Radio Club will be activating the Minuteman Missile National Historic Monument (NS53) in South Dakota this weekend.APPROVED: Pierre Amateur Radio Club [...]

Icom 7300 N1MM Logger Plus Setup

icom 7300 n1mm 3
Icom 7300 N1MM Logger Plus: As I get ready to write this I have my N1MM Logger Plus already setup to use in the VOLTA RTTY Contest this weekend. I plan on making a few RTTY [...]

Icom 7300 DM780 Setup For PSK31, RTTY and CW

Icom 7300 DM780
Icom 7300 DM780 Setup: I'm using the free version of Ham Radio Deluxe and DM780 in this example. The free version is still available here. If you like the free version I [...]

Icom 7300 One Month Review

Icom 7300 one month review
I have been using the new Icom IC-7300 since the first week in April and absolutely love it. It has a very good receiver and I've had no overload (OVF) problems at my [...]

Icom 7300 Ham Radio Deluxe Setup

Ham Radio Deluxe
Icom 7300 Ham Radio Deluxe Setup is so easy and in this example I use a couple of cables. Why use two cables? Because I want to use the radio to it's full capability while [...]