Icom 7300 RUMLogNG Fldigi Applescript For Beginners

rumlogng fldigi applescriptThe RUMLogNG Fldigi Applescript will make your data mode logging easier. This will be the last in a series of articles on RUMLogNG. You can download it for free from this link or see the link below. If you need more information on setting it up with the Icom 7300, please look back at my previous posts on the iMac and RUMLogNG.I bought my 3.06 GHz 21.5" [...]

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Icom 7300 WSJT-X Using DXLab Suite Commander, JT Bridge And RUMLogNG

WSJT-X Using DXLab Suite Commander
This was one tricky bugger to get working on the Icom 7300. It wasn't the radio, but the software. Getting WSJT-X using DXLab Suite Commander for the rig that is. Maybe it was [...]

Icom 7300 Driving The Ameritron 1500

The pictures and captions below were sent to me by Gene, W9NMX, with the Icom 7300 driving the Ameritron 1500 amplifier. I have always been interested in the reports completed [...]

LDG AT-600ProII Autotuner M-600 Meter Setup With Short Review

I recently purchased a LDG AT-600ProII Autotuner and M-600 meter to use with my Icom 7300. The old MFJ 986 3Kw roller inductor I had was a good tuner, but it's not automatic. [...]

Ham Radio iMac (iCOM Macintosh) In The Shack

rumlogng fldigi applescript
Was the iMac made for ICOM radios? ..hi hi. I picked up an iMac Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz all in one off of e-bay for a good price. It has a bad screen (vertical line), but it will [...]

Icom 7300 WSJT-X Combined With HRD And JT-Alert

Over the past few weeks I've worked to improve operating with WSJT-X. Everything from improving the wide graph (waterfall), logging to HRDLogbook, setting up alerts and [...]

Icom 7300 WSJT-X Raspberry Pi Operating SPLIT MODE

wsjt-x split mode
I'm trying to get the most out of my Icom 7300 and recently I was given some good information by a fellow Ham on Facebook. Operate split mode or as it's called in the user [...]

WSJT-X Wide Graph Getting it Right

What does your WSJT-X wide graph (waterfall, scope) look like? Mine wasn't showing the JT65 and JT9 signals clearly. If fact it had dark blotches where nothing was shown. The [...]

WSJT-X JT-ALERT Automatically Logs To HRDLog

WSJT-X JT-Alert are my two new favorites. When I got my Icom 7300, one of the first JT65 programs I installed was JT65 HF HB9HQX. It works great with the Icom 7300 and HRD. I [...]

Icom 7300 HRD 6.3 DM780 RTTY FSK CW

My Icom 7300 HRD 6.3 is working now. Yes, I finally broke down and purchased the latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe, 6.3. I wanted FSK in Digital Master 780 and I also wanted [...]

Icom 7300 Microphone Christmas Savings Plan

The Icom 7300 microphone that's included with the radio gets great audio reports, but I can't use a hand mic while contesting or running a net. When I first received my [...]