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Why I Chose The Icom 7610 Over The Flex 6400M

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When the price of the Icom 7610 was announced in the US, many reservation holders started looking at the Flex 6400M as an alternative. The Icom 7610 is priced at $3,899.95. The Flex 6400M is $2,999.00 (add $300 for the auto tuner). That’s a pretty big difference and they are comparable SDR transceivers. The Flex 6400M has knobs too! Why …

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Icom 7300 Easy Transmitter Settings For Digital Operation

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Icom 7300 Easy Transmitter Settings For Digital Operation is a followup article to my last post, Icom 7300 Receiver Settings For Digital Operation. In this post there are some additional receiver settings.  I have a couple of YouTube videos on transmitter settings, but I hope to simplify and produce one concise video that includes the transmitter settings in the Icom …

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Icom 7300 Receiver Settings For Digital Operation

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I had a conversation with a friend recently and while talking about the Icom 7300, HRD and DM780 I realized that I haven’t made a good article covering basic receiver settings for digital modes. The settings under “Connectors” have been an issue with some Hams but,  also the operational receiver settings, like filter bandwidth, USB data (USB-D), NB, and NR …

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Hamvention 2017: Ham Radio, SDR, APRS, AMSAT And More

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This will be my first year attending the Hamvention in Dayton, OH. Technically I guess it’s in Xenia, OH. I’ll be driving out Thursday morning with my Hummer H3, Icom IC-7000 and Tarheel 200A screwdriver antenna. This is my first long road trip with this setup and I should make it to the Hamvention by Friday morning. It’s a 1,100 …