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WinKeyer3 and Ham Radio Deluxe DM780 Settings For CW

In Equipment, Softwareby K0PIR2 Comments

Yes the WinKeyer3 will work beautifully with Ham Radio Deluxe Digital Master 780 and the settings are very easy. To upgrade your WinKeyer2 to WinKeyer3 see my previous post, Upgrade Winkeyer 2 to Winkeyer 3. Winkeyer3 will also send RTTY FSK! More on that to come. Winkeyer3 Cables You can purchase the cables for WinKeyer USB from K1EL or maybe …

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Handy Mini60 SARK100 Antenna Analyzer Overview

In Equipmentby K0PIR14 Comments

I purchased a Mini60 antenna analyzer a few months back. You can buy one of these for around $109 on E-bay. Mine is a bluetooth model. They come with and without bluetooth and the Mini60 (or SARK100 clone) without BT is less expensive. In Yellowstone I used it to check my wire antennas and also to tune my Tarheel 200A …