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Icom 7300 Mini Scope And Spectrum Scope Explained

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What exactly is the Icom 7300 Mini Scope and how does it differ from the Spectrum Scope? That M.SCOPE button on the 7300, I have used it plenty thinking it stood for “Monitor Scope”, but no, it stands for Mini Scope. Icom 7300 Mini Scope Here’s what the Icom 7300 full manual says about it on page 5-4. “The Mini …

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Best Icom 7300 Transmit Bandwidth TBW Settings

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The Icom 7300 transmit bandwidth,TBW, has customizable settings. Sometimes it’s called the transmit filter width, not to be mistaken with the receive filter width. Have you changed your TBW to the best values? If they haven’t been tweaked, see how in this article and included video. I don’t have audio samples, sorry. The 7300 isn’t the only Icom radio with …

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Icom 7300 Receiver Settings For Digital Operation

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I had a conversation with a friend recently and while talking about the Icom 7300, HRD and DM780 I realized that I haven’t made a good article covering basic receiver settings for digital modes. The settings under “Connectors” have been an issue with some Hams but, ¬†also the operational receiver settings, like filter bandwidth, USB data (USB-D), NB, and NR …

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N3FJP ACLog, WSJT-X, JTAlert A Powerful Combination

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N3FJP’s Amateur Contact Log (N3FJP ACLog) combined with WSJT-X and JTAlert are a powerful combination for the digital mode operator. I admittedly have favored Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook in the past, but this combination of software works very well together. Also, I don’t like the way JTAlert and HRD quit supporting each other. This version of JTAlert (v2.10.1) supports HRD …