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Icom 7610 RX Antenna Usage, Dualwatch and Tracking

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This article and video shows how to use the Icom 7610 RX antenna selection, Dualwatch, Tracking and Diversity Reception. You’ll need to connect a receiving (RX) antenna to the Icom 7610.  For diversity reception a vertical RX antenna is needed, but since I don’t have one I am using a 80′ random wire for the receiving antenna. See the video …

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Setting Up Mic Gain and Compression

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What are the best mic gain and compression settings? Using the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 I have multiple mics to use. Each mic is a little different. I’ll show you how I setup the mic gain and compression on the Icom 7610 (also 7300) using a WGA TR-2000 headset. It’s pretty simple and I follow the manuals with one …