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Ham Basics – Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook 8 Things to Know

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I have been using Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook on and off for many years. It started with the free version and now I have the paid version. The latest of Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook is version 6.5. I’ve cleaned mine up, improved the speed, made it look nice and have it automated just how I like it. Wow what a difference! If you would like to see more, please keep reading.

Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook Streamlined

For too long I left the toolbar cluttered and too many things showing. A while back I fixed that. No more unusable icons and no more wasted space. No more cluttered tabs on the Add Log Entry (ALE) window. This cleanup is easy to do and it makes it easier to navigate.Ham radio deluxe logbook

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Speed Improvement

WA9PIE, Mike did a video a while back installing a MySQL (Maria) database for HRD Logbook. I followed the video and it was a big improvement for me. If you have some experience with HRD Logbook and databases I recommend doing this. It helps with large logs. Otherwise you may want to stick to the default database, but you can help HRD Logbook by using “Edit Selections” and view only 100 to 500 records.


Ham Radio Deluxe Customizing the Appearance

It’s easy to do and makes a big difference. In my software I like having the Radio Pane visible with my buttons and sliders. There’s also the Audio Recorder and DX Cluster that is visible.


Tired of looking at the same colors and fonts? On the toolbar go to More>Appearance. Colors and fonts can be changed to make it more to your liking.

Uploading to Online Logbooks

I have always enjoyed the fact that HRD Logbook can automatically upload to my favorite online logbooks. Mainly QRZ.com (subscription required), eQSL.cc and HRDLog.net. Of course it will upload to LOTW, but you’ll have to do that manually. It is very easy though.

Just create an account at each website. You can click on the links at the bottom of the page.

And there is one more, Clublog. I have been using it for a couple of years.

One Last thing – Save the Layout

Go to View>Layout>Save Layout A

ham radio deluxe logbook save layout

Ham Radio Basics HRD Logbook Video

Thank you

More to come on DM780 and of course the DMR codeplug on my Ailunce HD1.

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MySQL (Maria) database for HRD Logbook






  1. Hello dear Rich
    I’m using HRD Deluxe vers. 6.6.0. 236 on a win10/1903 pc. I like it.
    But when I trie to add new selection in the logbook it failes everytime.
    I open “edit selection” and I fill up the field Parameters, I klick on “Save in Selection list”, but when I trie the selection it failes, all Parameters have gone, the Programm just won’t keep them.

    What do I wrong? Can you help me?
    Thanks and vy 73 de Rene HB9DGZ

    1. Author


      It should show up in the “Display” tab under Selection. Or go over to the “More” button and select “Selections”.

      Rich, K0PIR

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