Hi-Q 5/80 mobile installation

Hi-Q 5/80 Mobile HF Antenna Installation

This is what I’ve been working on the last two weeks. Have you seen the Hi-Q 5/80 mobile HF antenna? All I can say is, WOW! It’s a 5 inch coil mounted on a two foot mast. I picked up this Hi-Q 5/80 from a Ham friend (Gene, W9NMX) who lives in Florida. It’s a very high quality 10 – 80 Meter mobile HF antenna. Gene has been a big help getting it installed too.

Hi-Q 5/80

It’s an antenna probably only a Ham can love.

This one has a 12″ extension above the coil, a capacitance hat, and a 3 foot whip. Gene, W9NMX, sent it with a capacitance hat, custom mount and MFJ 907 in a waterproof case.

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With the MFJ 907 there’s no need for a shunt coil.

Why On the Front?

I installed the Hi-Q 5/80 on the winch mount of my 2006 Hummer H3. The old Tarheel 200A I had mounted on the rear bumper did a great job, but when towing my camper I couldn’t use it.

With the Hi-Q 5/80 mounted up front there should be less shadowing effect from the camper, so I’m hoping this works good. I’ll know in the spring.

Hi-Q 5/80 Mobile HF Antenna

Lower Mast: 1.5″ diameter and 2′ long. This one is stainless steel. They also come in a black anodized version.

Coil Size: 5″ diameter x 11.5″ long, lexan polycarbonate housing. This one is semitransparent and I can see plunger inside.

Weight: 8 lbs.

Total height: With 3′ whip, 11′ 4″.

EB8 Capacitance Hat: All aluminum hubs and extension rod, with stainless steel rods as radials. All hardware is stainless steel.

Hi-Q 5/80 Antenna Mount: Custom mount (Gene, W9NMX) that fit perfectly on the winch mount plate. It includes attached ferrite cores wound with the control cable. There is also a brace about 18″ up to hold the mast securely.


hi-q 5/80 base mount

Controller: I’m using an old Tarheel controller (no model number) that does not have memories, but it does have a counter.

Grounding and Bonding: I ground the paint off the winch mount where the Hi-Q mount is bolted on and the bottom of the Hi-Q mount base. I had to use a little copper braid between the Hi-Q mount base and the winch mount . There is also copper braid attached from the Hi-Q mount to the brush guard.

The winch mount and brush guard is bolted directly into the frame of the Hummer. I did some grinding to make a good connection. For bonding, see my vehicle bonding article.

Currently I’m using a 3′ stainless steel whip. There is a whip quick disconnect between the coil and 12″ mast. This allows a quick way to remove the upper part before entering a car wash or drive through.

I’m looking forward to using it this summer when traveling. I have a couple of trips planned. One to the Hamvention in May and another trip to the Breakfast club picnic in July.

I hope to hear you on the air!

More to come on this and on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610.

73’s – Rich, K0PIR


Hi-Q-Antennas™ Installation Manual

EB-4/ EB-8 CAPHAT Assembly Instruction

Excellent Presentation (K0WJ) on HF Mobile Installations (Large 79MB file)

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  1. Rick,
    How do I convert WSJT-XFT8 on to my MIX-W log file?
    I am using my new Icom-7300 rig.(very pleased with the7300).
    Please explain what to do . Not very good with computers.
    73 the koos GU0GUX

    1. Author

      Hi Koos,

      Thanks for the comment and question. That’s a very good question. I’m sorry, but I don’t know.

      Are you wanting to import the WSJT-X log into MixW?

      Rich, K0PIR

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