Icom 7300 WSJT-X Combined With HRD And JT-Alert

Over the past few weeks I’ve worked to improve operating with WSJT-X. Everything from improving the wide graph (waterfall), logging to HRDLogbook, setting up alerts and improving the Icom 7300 settings. All of it plays a role in WSJT-X and making JT65/JT9 more enjoyable.

The Icom 7300 Settings

Inside the rigs menu things are pretty much the same. If you look at my previous videos I believe I have lowered my USB MOD Level some and my ACC/USB AF Output Level, but that’s all. The other settings are the same. I run two cables. The CI-V cable for rig control and the USB cable for data modes and keying.

It’s possible to use one USB cable and a virtual serial port emulator to get keying and the use of FSK and CW keying, but I’ve chosen two cables. I used virtual serial ports with my Flex 1500 and it works, but using two cables seems easier to me.

Important operating settings: NB is turned off, NR is turned off, AGC is turned off, RF Gain down, and FIL1 is set to to 3.6k. Mode is USB-D.

One more important point. This is the easiest way I’ve found to monitor and adjust the power output in digital modes is to set the radio for 100% RF POWER and use the level slider in the software. See: Icom 7300 Controlling Power Output Digital Modes

Settings in the Icom 7300 Menu snapshots on the next page. Click on the image to bring up the full picture.


    1. Author

      I use NetTime and it has prepopulated servers. One is 0.nettime.pool.ntp.org.

      I hope this helps.

      Best 73! Rich, K0PIR

    1. Author

      Oh I see.

      I have been using NetTime for a year or so and I hardly notice it running. I hope it works good for you. Best 73! – Rich, K0PIR

  1. I am having a problem getting the WSPR-X to work display the signals. I am using Icom 7300. Would you also let me call you or you call me? 336 608 4854 home or 336 420 0170 cell

    1. Author

      Hi Deryl,

      I am at work right now hihi, but maybe you can tell me what problem you are having.

      Did you set the sound card in WSJT-X for the USB Audio CODEC? Do you have a waterfall or is it black?

      Once the sound card is set in WSJT-X you should see a waterfall (blue) and on your radio you’ll need to turn off NB, NR and at least put AGC on Fast. The mode on the radio should be USB-D.

      Is that all done? If so, what is happening?

      Do you have those things?

      1. I do not see a waterfall. I have done what you said except my AGC does not have a fast mode. I am seeing stations coming in and calling CQ. When i enable TX,
        it does not transmit. Using ICom 7300 with HRD latest version. . Codec is input and output.

        I am using WSFT -x v1.9.0-rc1

  2. Do you know a way to change the IC-7300 so that it remembers that I want USB-D?
    I want to change the defaults to make it remember USB-D or at least make it remember
    the last setting – a manual mode instead of automatically changing the MODE when i change bands.

    When I change bands, it changes to LSB or USB depending on the band and I would like it
    to stay in the mode that I have selected.

    I have missed many calls because of looking at another band then changing back only to find that
    I am in USB and not USB-D.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance on this matter.

    I also want to thank you for the great information provided on the IC-7300/HRD/WJST installation and configuration. I just got back in the hobby after a 40+ year hiatus and your instructions were invaluable.

    Thank you for everything you do for this wonderful hobby.

    1. Author

      Hi Charlie,

      Great question! I think I understand your dilemma.

      When I go to that portion (digital) of the band I would like it to go to USB-D.

      The best I have right now is using the radios memories.

      I wish I knew a better way. I have tried with memories in HRD and when I e-mailed their support, they said it couldn’t be done. I can set USB-D in MacloggerDX though 🙂 So what gives??

      In WSJT-X it will stay at USB-D, but most of the time I have to set it first.

      Thank you Charlie. I hope we find a solution.

      Maybe someone else can help???

      Best 73! Rich, K0PIR

  3. Hi Rick, I have a problem trying to connect my IC-7300 to HRD V5. when I turn on the radio and HRD is open it PTT the radio and if a have the radio turned up and open HRD it PTT the radio. It remains the radio PTT until I turned off. Which one could be the problem?

    1. Author

      Hi Mel,

      Nice to hear from you.
      HRD: Is RTS or DTR in the connect window checked? Try swapping them and in look in the radio Connectors menu, look at your RTS SEND. Is it set to RTS? That’s what mine is and in my HRD connect window I don’t have anything checked. You may have to try a couple of different settings, but that is the problem.

  4. By the way, I just have the USB cable and I can’t do work the HRD and the WSJT-x at the same time. TNX

    1. Author

      With just a USB cable: In WSJT-X under settings and Radio. For the rig, find HRD in the drop down. It’ll work FB that way. Just have HRD started before opening WSJT-X. Thanks for commenting and let me know how it goes.

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