Icom 7610 N1MM One Cable RTTY FSK CW – How To

The Icom 7610 N1MM configuration is simple and similar to the IC-7300. We now have two virtual COM ports on the IC-7610. Let’s see what else is new! When I got the IC-7300, it was a real thrill to operate RTTY (FSK). Sliding the IC-7610 into its spot, the 7610 just took over where the 7300 left off. I can’t say right now if the improvement in operating is substantial, but I love its smooth and quiet operation.

I posted an article getting the 7300 running on RTTY (FSK) with MMTTY. You can find it here.

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Icom 7610 N1MM

Icom 7610 Comments

I have had the Icom 7610 for a little over a week now and WOW! What a quiet and smooth transceiver. QSK is silent and fast. Operating digital modes, like FT8, is so quiet, I hardly know I’m transmitting. I’ve pulled out some pretty weak signals using the filtering and I’m very impressed with the RX. The TX audio quality is similar to the IC-7300. A few have said it sounds like my Icom 7300! I am using the same mics I used with the 7300, the Yamaha CM500 and the BM800. I will get a good quality dynamic mic to try out. The Icom 7610 LCD touch screen is outstanding. Noise blanker, noise Reduction and notch filtering are superb, the best I have seen.

Icom 7610 N1MM

Icom 7610 N1MM and MMTTY

As a prerequisite, always install the Icom 7610 USB driver before connecting the USB cable. N1MM Logger, MMTTY, EXTFSK are the software programs for RTTY (FSK) being used with the Icom 7610. It’s a great combination of software. With N1MM Logger+ we also get a nice Spectrum Display (waterfall) on the PC monitor. N1MM Logger+ also has the Icom 7610 listed in rigs.

The Spectrum Display is relatively new and a lot of fun to use. It is only available on a few select radios and the IC-7300/7610 are included.

I am presuming readers are familiar with N1MM and MMTTY and have them installed. If you don’t, both are pretty straight forward installs. I’ll put links below.

Icom 7610 Internal Menu Settings

Pay close attention to USB SEND/Keying. The Icom 7610 uses two virtual COM ports and we use one USB 2.0 cable. I have a short video on this.

Icom 7610 N1MM Logger Plus, MMTTY, EXTFSK64 Configuration

What’s new? There are two virtual serial (COM) ports on the IC-7610. We can use one for rig control and the other for keying.

With one cable we get RTTY (FSK) and the Spectrum Display. This isn’t possible with the IC-7300 unless additional software (VSPE or similar) is used.

If you haven’t seen it in action, have a look at this: http://www.k0pir.us/n1mm-logger-spectrum-monitor/

No additional software to create virtual COM ports is needed. Nice!

Everything you need, including the Icom 7610 internal settings, are in the video. When it gets to the MMTTY configuration, pay close attention to the settings and especially EXTFSK64. N1MM Logger Plus configuration is included and it works perfectly for me. There are a couple of tips in the video. See the pinned comment I posted.

Icom 7610 Fldigi

If you want, you can download and install Fldigi for CW decode. Fldigi integrates with N1MM Logger Plus. Install Fldigi and when you open N1MM Logger Plus go to Config>Configure Ports>Digital Modes and tell N1MM Logger the Fldigi path. It’s in the video too.

Icom 7610 Reviews

On eHam.net the reviews are coming in. I think one should be removed, because it is incorrect and I don’t believe the reviewer owns the IC-7610.

Rob Sherwood, NC0B, has done a preliminary review and points out a couple of helpful tips. I’ll leave it to him to tell you. Please see Icom 7610 Review on eHam.net.

Icom 7610 N1MM Wrap Up

Thank you for coming by and I hope this helps. I know it can be frustrating at times to get it all working smoothly, I’ve been there before and I still make mistakes. It’s Amateur Radio, hi hi.

I hope you find this informative and useful even if you don’t own a Icom 7610. Maybe you’re waiting for one or researching. Whatever the reason for visiting my website, I appreciate the comments.

Please comment below.

Download Links:

N1MM Logger Plus Full Install



Sherwood Engineering HF Test Results – Icom 7610




  1. Hi Richard and the group

    Am I reading this correctly, that I no longer need any type of interface???
    Right now I use a home brew level converter that’s worked perfectly with my Icom IC-7600.
    The 4 programs I use are N1MM, DX Labs including winwabbler and WSJT-X along with JTAlert

    I do want to use true FSK

    1. Author

      Hi Bill,

      That’s correct, no external interface, just a USB cable and the drivers. Download and install the USB driver from Icom before connecting the USB cable. Have a look at the videos.

      It works FB and you’ll love it.

      Rich, K0PIR

      1. Hi Rich

        OK on N1MM, I do have rig control, radio receives rtty ok, radio does go to transmit when a macro is pushed but no dittles. any ideas with that

        With DX Labs commander, nothing, no rig control at all

        Would you be available for a team viewer session???/

  2. Hi Rich

    More progress made today, in N1MM I do have dittles and it does key the radio, I have no power out on the radio, Am I missing a setting

    On DX Labs I do have rig control but no power out on RTTY also.

    What am I missing here????

    Thank you in advance for your help

    1. Author

      Hi Bill,

      That’s great! Sounds like you are on the right track.

      Do you have the radio in RTTY mode? I put my radio in RTTY mode, turn the power to 100%, push the transmit button and I get 100% output. When I transmit with MMTTY (N1MMM) same thing, 100% output.

      Does that work?

      Rich, K0PIR

  3. Yes radio is in RTTY mode
    with power at 100% I have no power output
    The scope shows that it is transmitting
    Power meter =0
    SWR meter =0

    1. Author

      I am unable to create that problem. I would go back and have a look at the settings in the radio under connectors again. Maybe something is amiss.

      However, I did manage to mess up my CW keying LOL

      I’ll post anything I find out Bill.

      Rich, K0PIR

    2. Author

      My problem was in N1MM Logger Plus Config. Bill, go back and look at that part again in the video. After configuring it just like the video, I am back to 100% RTTY FSK and CW.

  4. Good Morning Rich

    All working, Factory default on ALC was 5% way to low

    Thanks for your help and video’s

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