band stacking icom 7300

Icom Band Stacking Register and Memo Pad

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I have an Icom 7000 and just love using band stacking registers while mobile. It’s a great feature of the Icom transceivers. I use the band stacking registers a little different with my Icom 7300 and 7610 though. The Memo Pad also comes in very handy when I want to quickly save a stations frequency so I can go back to it later.

Icom Band Stacking

You may already be using band stacking registers, but let me show you how I use them and if you do things differently, post a comment for me and others.

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Page 3-3 of the Icom 7300 full manual: “Band stacking register provides 3 memories for each band key to store frequencies and operating modes. This function is convenient to quickly recall previously operated frequencies and modes.”

band stacking icom 7300
Icom 7300

Using Band Stacking Registers

While mobile I can quickly change to my favorite frequency just by pushing a band button on my Icom hand microphone. I have 3 SSB frequencies stored on each band.

Example: On 40 Meters I will have 3 frequencies stored in band stacking. One will be for Midcars, another for OMISS and the third is just a random one to go to and save when I hear some familiar Hams talking.

At home using the Icom 7300 or Icom 7610 I use them a little differently.

Example: On 20 meters I have one frequency saved for SSB, one for digital and one for CW.

Memo Pad

From the manual, “Memo Pads are convenient when you want to temporarily memorize a frequency and operating mode, such as when you find a DX station in a pile-up, or when the desired station is busy for a long time and you want to temporarily search for other stations.
You can use the Memo Pads in both the VFO and Memory modes.
Use Memo Pads instead of relying on hastily scribbled notes that are easily misplaced.”

Icom 7300 Memo Pad

When using the memo pad, you may think there are 6 Memo Pads because 6 different frequencies are called up. However, 5 are in Memo Pads and 1 is in a temporary pad. See my video.


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Up Next

Coming up next I’ll have updated pictures of my new Ham Shack.

I am also working on a video showing the Icom 7610 and HDSDR as a 3rd receiver. More will be coming on operating using memories too.

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Icom 7300 Manual Page 3-3 (Band Stacking Registers)

Icom 7300 Manual Page 9-6 (Memo Pad)

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  1. Tnx for valuable info on various topics. Any id how to add another band (60m) into the band stacking register?

    1. Author

      Hi Thian,

      Nice to hear from you and thanks for the question.

      I don’t have 60m, but 50m and GENE show up in mine. As far as I know you cannot, but you could look into the Icom 7300 forum just to be sure.

      Rich, K0PIR

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