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Inrad RX7300 Modification While Keeping The External Tuner Jack

Finally the Inrad RX7300 modification! I’m in the process of adding a panadapter to my Icom 7300. The Inrad RX7300 is installed and I managed to keep the external antenna tuner jack on the rear of the IC-7300. All I did was let it dangle from the rear of the radio. This is temporary and I make no guarantees about this.

The alternative is to provide power to the external tuner and use the tuner button on it. That has it’s drawbacks. For one, I won’t be able to use software (HRD) to start the autotuner.

I have an LDG AT-600ProII Autotuner connected to the Icom 7300 and I use it with my amplifier.

In a few months when I move the radio into my camper, I’ll keep the Inrad RX7300 and do away with the external tuner jack altogether. I won’t need the external tuner in the camper.

Inrad RX7300 Modification

Installation of the Inrad RX7300 is a breeze. Another Ham (Steve Ellington) has a YouTube video on the installation, so I won’t be making one. I have some photos on the next page.

What is different from mine is the external antenna tuner jack.

The instructions included with the Inrad RX7300 are well written. However, the black and white photos in the instructions are tough to make out. Go to page 2.


  1. Very interesting and use-full add-on circuit hook-up for the IC7300.
    Good videos, living a clear idea of the enhanced operation of the IC7300 with SDR programs.

  2. nice videos bt on the 7300 how do yo get it to go to and display 11500 as the baud rate

    thanks brian..

    1. Author

      Hi Brian,

      Nice to hear from you and I’ll be happy to help. There are a few places where I set the 115,200 baud rate. Where do you see it displayed?

      Rich, K0PIR

  3. HI RICH

    I CANT GET IT TO SHOW any where, i need to set port baud rate to set up N1MM spectrum analyser
    in his logger program i wish to use that program to display waterfall from 7300

    many thanks rich
    brian g8vpr

    1. Author

      Hi Brian,

      Nice to hear from you and I had trouble with the spectrum scope on N1MM Logger at first.

      This is my article on N1MM Logger Plus Spectrum Display:
      There is a video on it too. Did you see it? If I understand you correctly, that will help you and you can see where to set the baud rate.

      Let me know how it goes, best 73 – Rich, K0PIR

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