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Raspberry Pi 3 DXSpider Installation

In Raspberry Pi 3, Software by K0PIR8 Comments

The¬†Raspberry Pi 3 DXSpider installation is a little different than on the older units. I found a few guides on the internet for installing DXSpider on the Raspberry Pi 1 & 2, but none were specific to the Pi 3. The hardware is different (adds Bluetooth and Wifi, etc.) and the software, Raspbian, is updated. This is not a definitive …

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Raspberry Pi 3 Ham Radio Projects

In Raspberry Pi 3, Software by K0PIR4 Comments

Okay what’s a¬†Raspberry Pi 3 you ask? Simply put, it’s a very small, very inexpensive, linux based pc board. The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest, fastest and best of all the models. It features built-in Bluetooth and wireless too. Just add a micro SD Card, HDMI monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply and you have a very small and very …

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Ameritron AL-811 Repairs – Popping Noise

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Boy, where to start on my Ameritron AL-811 repairs? It started a couple of months ago when I replaced the tubes. I took the cover off, replaced the tubes and one of the meter bulbs went out. So I took the cover off again just to look at it and when I put the cover back on and fired it …

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Alpha MOTO Mobile Antenna

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I purchased my Alpha MOTO off of E-bay back in January of this year. It appealed to me because it was advertised as a 6 – 40 Meter mobile antenna. It requires an antenna tuner which I have for my Icom 7000 and the price was right for the antenna. (You can see it here, Alpha MOTO. He is an …