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Icom 7300 WSJT-X Combined With HRD And JT-Alert

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Over the past few weeks I’ve worked to improve operating with WSJT-X. Everything from improving the wide graph (waterfall), logging to HRDLogbook, setting up alerts and improving the Icom 7300 settings. All of it plays a role in WSJT-X and making JT65/JT9 more enjoyable. The Icom 7300 Settings Inside the rigs menu things are pretty much the same. If you …

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WSJT-X Wide Graph Getting it Right

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What does your WSJT-X wide graph (waterfall, scope) look like? Mine wasn’t showing the JT65 and JT9 signals clearly. If fact it had dark blotches where nothing was shown. The problem wasn’t just my WSJT-X wide graph settings, but in my Icom 7300 setting too. Whether you’re using an Icom 7300 or other radio, the information below should help. I’m using …

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WSJT-X JT-ALERT Automatically Logs To HRDLog

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WSJT-X JT-Alert are my two new favorites. When I got my Icom 7300, one of the first JT65 programs I installed was JT65 HF HB9HQX. It works great with the Icom 7300 and HRD. I made a video clip you can see here. Later I wanted to try WSPR mode and I found a simple program to use, WSJT-X. It does …