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2019 Hamvention Videos

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The 2019 Hamvention was a great success. Rain held off for most of the time and when it did rain a little on Friday, it didn’t delay anything. I have some Hamvention videos on my YouTube channel. Parking was excellent and I was able to park onsite each day. It looked like the shuttle buses were running smoothly too. Camping …

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2019 Hamvention Plans, HF Talk-In and Mobile App

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It’s time, or almost time for the 2019 Hamvention. This will be the third year I make the trip traveling from Pierre, South Dakota to the Greene County Fairgrounds.  The previous two years were very exciting, especially the first year because I did not know what to expect. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for updates while I’m there and while traveling. …

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Digital Master 780 DM780 CW Decode

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This may not be for everyone, but I’ve had a lot of Hams ask about DM780 CW decode. If you’ve had Ham Radio Deluxe for a length of time, maybe you have at least tried it out. It’s not the best CW decoder out there, but it does work and it can be used. This is what I found. DM780 …

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Digital Master 780 (DM780) Radio Control Macros

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Digital Master 780 (DM780) radio control macros are an easy way to switch the transceiver over to settings for digital operation. Turn off NB, NR, AN and AGC with one click of the mouse. I’ve been using this and it’s a breeze. It works with all radios supported by Ham Radio Deluxe. You’ll love this if you use DM780. See …

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Ailunce HD1 Codeplug for Hotspot Users

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Making a Ailunce HD1 codeplug is easy. All I want to do is use my Jumbo Spot and my Ailunce HD1 at home. We don’t have any digital repeaters in our area so there is no need to program frequencies in for those. There are no zones and no RX group lists. Just priority contacts (talkgroups), my address book and …

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Digital Mobile Radio DMR MMDVM Hotspot Jumbo Spot

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Talk and listen to Hams around the world at home using a small handheld radio! I just got started in DMR and have found it pretty easy and inexpensive. With an Internet connection and the Ailunce HD1 combined with the MMDVM hotspot (Jumbo Spot) it is possible to talk to Hams around the world. So is this Ham Radio or is …

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My New Ailunce HD1

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I don’t do much with VHF/UHF, but I had an Ailunce HD1 sent to me to do a review. It is a solid handheld transceiver and I have enjoyed using it. I especially have enjoyed listening to DMR talkgroups around the world. The Ailunce HD1 is a dual band FM DMR VHF/UHF analog and digital handheld transceiver. The things I …