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Handy Mini60 SARK100 Antenna Analyzer Overview

In Equipment by K0PIR10 Comments

I purchased a Mini60 antenna analyzer a few months back. You can buy one of these for around $109 on E-bay. Mine is a bluetooth model. They come with and without bluetooth and the Mini60 (or SARK100 clone) without BT is less expensive. In Yellowstone I used it to check my wire antennas and also to tune my Tarheel 200A …

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JS8Call – Why? What’s New? and Download Link

In Software by K0PIR17 Comments

FT8Call is gone and it’s now JS8Call. From 0.7 and onward, FT8Call will be called JS8Call and the FT8Call mode will become JS8 (Jordan Sherer-designed 8-FSK). Over the weekend, October 7, 2018, the new JS8Call software was born. I have downloaded and installed the new JS8Call and the software looks good. I have already made a few contacts with it using …