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WSJT-X Split Operation and Why Use It

In FT-8, Software by K0PIR16 Comments

I’m going to make the case for using Split Operation in the WSJT-X program. Recently I took a poll on the WSJT-X Facebook page and got some interesting results. Almost twice as many Hams use “Fake It” than “Rig” for Split Operation. There are still many that use “None”. Modern HF transceivers are capable of using “Rig” for Split Operation, …

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A New Spin on JT Alert, HRD Logbook and WSJT-X

In Software by K0PIR2 Comments

The FT8 mode and these programs are so popular right now lots of Hams are using them and different issues keep popping up. I’m finding new ways to do things and hopefully eliminate any problems. Here’s my new spin on getting these programs working together: Don’t use HRD rig control! Just use HRD logbook, WSJT-X and JT Alert. It works! …

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DXLab Suite Winwarbler PSK31 Configuration

In Software by K0PIR4 Comments

Anyone remember PSK31? It seems like WSJT-X and FT8 took over the digital realm, however PSK31 is still alive and well. I have revived my interest for PSK31 using WinWarbler (the digital program in the DXLab Suite). Once configured WinWarbler works flawlessly and operating PSK31 is very easy. However, there are some hidden gems in WinWarbler that make PSK31 a …

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DXLab DXKeeper Configuration For Beginners

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DXKeeper is the logging program in the DXlab Suite of software programs for Ham Radio operators. I started using it for a few reason reasons. It’s free, has excellent support and help files, works with JT Alert (WSJT-X) and uploads QSO’s to LOTW and I have another small application that uploads automatically to and What does DXKeeper …