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Mobile HF Antenna Installation

In Mobile by K0PIR2 Comments

This is what I’ve been working on the last two weeks. Have you seen the Hi-Q 5/80 mobile HF antenna? All I can say is, WOW! It’s a 5 inch coil mounted on a two foot mast. I picked up this┬áHi-Q 5/80 from a Ham friend (Gene, W9NMX – Silent Key now) who lives in Florida. It’s a 10 – …

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Icom 7610 Spectrum Scope Display Variations

In Icom 7610 by K0PIR4 Comments

The Icom 7610 spectrum scope and display is just as good as any I have ever seen on a modern ham radio transceiver. It is the best touchscreen on any HF radio today. When compared to the Icom 7300, it is larger and sharper. However, both radios (IC-7300, IC-7610) give the user different viewing options and excellent quality. This is …