So What Happened?

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After having a great time at field day with our club, SDHAMS, I suddenly came down with a fever. On Tuesday I checked myself into the ER in Pierre. They treated me for pneumonia, but I was getting worse so they flew me to Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


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At Sanford they ran numerous tests, but did not find anything conclusive. The anabiotic‘s started working and my condition improved. 12 days later I was released and told that I had a minor stroke which will take some time to recover from. My doctor in Pierre believes the stroke was brought on by either encephalitis or meningitis. I had numerous bug bites from camping the weeks before Field Day, so most likely my illness was brought on by something that bit me.

I am resting at home now. I’ll have physical therapy to attend to in the following months and I’ll get back to my routine as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support. I appreciate it very much and I hope to hear you on the air very soon.

Best 73,

Rich, K0PIR

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  1. Hi Rick.
    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Pleased to hear you are on the road to recovery.

    Malcolm VK2AB

  2. Sorry to hear about your medical problems. It sounds like you’re on the road to recovery now!

    Dave KY0L

  3. Rich,
    Go for total recovery. Keep the faith and get plenty of rest. All else can rest and wait till you get your health back in shape. With out good health, we have nothing.. Our prayers are for total
    recovery soon.
    Very best of 73 from Richmond, VA

    1. Hi Rick hope your recovery continues take it easy looking forward to more interesting articles on the IC7300 regards Martin GI0IOT / EI2KO

  4. Wish you a speedy recovery. I too am recouping after a colon resection surgery. Can’t wait to get back to the shack.

  5. Best wishes for complete recovery. Take care and rest up Rich!
    best 73!

  6. Hello Rich.
    wish for a great, and a short recovery.

  7. I hate it when modern medicine fails! Bring on the leeches!!
    Get well soon!
    Prayers are with you OM!


    1. You did good to get a local diagnosis. A Motorola employee, a ham, and my best friend came down with similar symptoms while in New Mexico and thought it was a cold. When he got back to Chicago, his doctor treated him for a cold. He got worse and lasted two weeks. Moral of the story, get treated by local doctors at the time of the bites. They would know the correct symptoms and solution. You did good. I’m sure the recovery will produce a stronger you. VY 73 k9ORP

  8. Bonjour Rich,

    Best Wishes from The Great White North!!

    Take care!

    de James, VE2KHC

  9. Rich
    I was both shocked and saddened to read of your ordeal. It’s so very hard to understand God’s plan when bad things happen to good people but it does bring the best of wishes from so many for your speedy recovery. All the best from Kentucky.

    73 and Best Wishes,
    Terry W4ZQ

  10. Rest easy and listen to your Doctor ! Get well soon !

    73, Mike W8CJJ

  11. Wow! Rich get better. I thank you for all your hard work and passing information to us that has help us so much. Now get better because we need your help in the future. 73’s KC2QJJ

  12. Wow! Rich get better. I thank you for all your hard work and passing information to us that has help us so much. Now get better because we need your help in the future.

  13. Rich,
    Get well soon, listen to you FT and rerain from doing dumb things.
    Get well soon,
    Jan PA3AAN

      1. Hope you feel better soon. We will miss your post and look forward to your return. Take care, rest well.
        73, Les N9LD

  14. Rich,

    I am very sorry to hear about your illness and wish you a speedy and full recovery. Please get plenty of rest and focus on your therapy.

    73 Jeff

  15. Rich,

    Glad to hear you are doing ok and back home. Do what the doctor tells you.


  16. Hi Rich,

    So sorry to hear of your recent ordeal. I hope you are well on your way to completely mending. Thanks for all of your helpfully informative videos. I look forward to hearing from you again very soon.

    Jim, AF6N

  17. Rich,

    I pray you get better and return to your norm.
    It’s sad when the activities that bring us joy can also hurt us.
    May your therapy go well and bring back your health, strength, and stamina.
    Keep us posted as we do care how you are doing.

    Withe respect,
    John Kyriazis N6VEG

  18. May the God of peace bless and continue to heal you. Good to hear of your release from the hospital. Keep up the good work we all enjoy your articles in ham radio.


  19. Hey Rich,
    Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Great advice from the group – do your physical therapy – first. Will pray for your full recovery.
    73, Chris W7JPG

  20. Get well and hope to hear from you soon. We will be missing you.

  21. Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope the Doctors have done their job well and that you recover soon. All the best.


  22. Rich, glad you are on the mend and glad it wasn’t worse. Bet Mr. B really missed you tho LOL.. 73’s Jerry W4DSD

  23. Be well Rich. Take care of yourself and will be hearing from you real soon.
    Jeff WB9DAR

  24. Rich,

    Very sorry to read this. I hope your recovery continues and that you take the time to rest as prescribed!


  25. Sorry to hear of your illness however so glad to hear you have been released. Take it easy and do what they tell you to do. Hope to hear you back on the air soon.


  26. Rich, I’m sorry to read this. All the best for a complete recovery, soon.
    Manfred, DG7FB

    1. Hope you get plenty of radio time during your recovery. And let someone wait on you.

  27. Sorry to hear that Rich hope you have a speedy recovery
    Peter G3MLO

  28. Hope you heal soon. Did they rule out the possibility of a tick bite. Here in PA there has been a very large uptake in tick bites this year. A friend went for a walk in the woods and pulled almost a dozen ticks off when got back to the house. Get well soon. Enjoy your information. Bob KB3VS

    1. Rich take care and rest up. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.


  29. So sorry to hear this Rich. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
    Ken, N0IZE

  30. Glad to hear your on the mend Rich! Make sure you get plenty of rest in your recovery. You never know what can happen in this world, you just do your best and have fun in the adventure called life and ham radio is in the list of fun things! 73, Dan AB5VJ

  31. Really sorry to hear your news, Rich, but thankful that it’s been resolved.


  32. We will miss you during your recovery! Your one of the few folks who can explain technical issues so that I can understand them.
    So glad you on the mend, rest and smell the roses.

  33. Rich, I am hoping you recover quickly. In the meantime, DX from home.

  34. Rich, thanks for sharing what happened. That is the first I heard of it. I pray that you will be totally healed.

    Deryl, WB4QIZ

  35. Hi Rich,
    Sorry you had to go through all of that, I can emplize, I had a quadruple bypass last year and went through months of therapy.
    I hope you recover and return to reg. lifestyle ASAP.
    Please do all the therapy, even the little exercises, like putting the coins in a piggy bank, you’ll need to retrain your muscle memories.
    All of this Radio stuff will still be here when you are better.

  36. Rich, so sorry to hear about your experience of Field Day. I’m glad you’re recovering, though. Strokes don’t begin to match the fun you can have operating outdoors. Do the therapy and get better!

  37. You have done great work for us and your active efforts will be missed for a while. Get well and get back into tempo. 73

  38. Sorry to hear about your problem Rich. Get well soon. KA4TEV

  39. Wishing you all the best! Get well soon my friend and take it easy…. don’t rush things.

  40. Rich,
    So sorry to hear of your illness. Best wishes for recovery. You are a key educator in this amazing hobby.

  41. Hi Rich,
    I am very sorry to hear about your pneumonia and stroke. I hope you are getting plenty of rest so you can make a speedy and full recovery.Take good care mate.

    Spencer (VK2SPB)

  42. Oh man what an ordeal! At least they finally figured out the problem and how best to treat it and you’re home. I know how little fun it is to be in the hospital for that length of time. Been there done that!

    73 and get well!
    Rick, W2JAZ

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