Ameritron AL-811 Repairs – Popping Noise


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  1. Larry says:

    HI Rich, Maybe you can help me with a question. I was recently given an AL-811 (not H). I am planning on selling or trading it so I opened it to see if it was clean inside before testing it. It looks great but there is a wire that was deliberately cut on the input board. Without taking it apart more I do not know what it does. Any ideas? I can send you a picture if you like.

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Larry,

      Nice to hear from you and thank you for the e-mail.

      I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I was out of town for a while.

      That may be the 10 meter mod. If you look at the online manual you will be able to tell.

      Thank you again and best 73,

      Rich, K0PIR

  2. Nicholas B says:

    Can you share exactly what kind of LED you purchased from amazon. I am having a hard time finding a comparable LED

  3. Mike Gibbons says:

    I have and 811H’s making the same popping as yours was. What is the best way to discharge the 4 capacitors so they are safe to change?

  4. Ken says:

    I have an Ameritron Al811 and when I key mic it makes a buzzing sound what could be the problem ?

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Ken,

      Nice to hear from you. There could be something wrong with it or just RF. Had it been working good for you, did anything change and did this just start happening?

      Rich, K0PIR

  5. Tom Tobiassen says:

    Hi Rich,
    Thank you for your comments and for your service to our ham radio community! I dropped by my local HRO shop yesterday and since the unit was a recent purchase, they advised that I return it for another unit which I did. The new unit is working fine. The fan in the new unit is also much quieter. I heard from Rob at Ameritron and he offered to help me troubleshoot and send any necessary parts. In the end, I am satisfied with the amp and the extremely helpful service at HRO and Ameritron. The folks at the Denver HRO are awesome!
    Best 73,
    Tom, N0BZ

    • K0PIR says:

      That’s fantastic and I’m happy to hear that. Thank you again for the nice comment.

      I hope to hear you on the air with that new amp.!

      Best 73,

      Rich, K0PIR

  6. Tom Tobiassen says:

    I just bought a brand new Ameritron AL-811 from the Denver HRO (4/2018) and, right out of the box, it’s making a loud snapping sound shortly after turning on the power. I sent a note to Ameritron tech support and they say it’s probably “one or more” of the HV filter caps but offer no help on a warranty repair. I’ll chat with HRO today.

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Tom,

      Nice to hear from you and thank you for the comment. I can relate.

      I had cold solder joints in my amp and re-soldered them myself. I would buy Ameritron again, but at least I know what I am in for.

      I would think at the very least they would offer to send you the parts for free. Shipping those things back and forth is an ordeal.

      On a positive note those little amps are very good and reliable once they are working properly, hi!

      I hope they resolve it for you to your satisfaction. I buy from HRO in Denver and have had all positive experiences with them.

      Best 73,

      Rich, K0PIR

  7. Marc says:

    Excellent YouTube video and website. I was wondering if you or anyone has had issues with this amp with the IP meter dancing around? I can touch the meter, wiggle it, and the needle dances around all over the place. If I rock it back and forth it will sometimes function normally. Any help would be appreciated. 73, Marc VA7MNM at Yahoo dot com.

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Marc,

      Nice to hear from you and thank you for commenting. When I’m not transmitting mine is on 0 and when I flip the switch to HV it jumps and stays at around 1.7KV. It doesn’t move around. I suspect it’s a loose connection on the meter inside. That’s what I would look at first.

      Thank you and I hope you get it fixed. Best 73! – Rich, K0PIR

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