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Best and Easiest PL-259 Coax Connector Ever

I started using this PL-259 coax connector and I have to put out a short video on it. I continue to use these today and I won’t go back to anything else. If you want something easy to install and...


The Best Thing About My ACOM 1000 Amplifier

I recently picked up a used ACOM 1000 amplifier in great condition. Since I don’t have 240V in the ham shack I rewired it for 120V. I’ll show you how I did that later. The ACOM 1000 has many great...


WinKeyer USB ACC Cables for RTTY FSK Icom 7300 and 7610

Below is how I made WinKeyer USB ACC cables (7300 & 7610) to transmit RTTY FSK with the WinKeyer USB. I finally got the opportunity to use my WK3 with N1MM in last weeks CQ WW RTTY contest.  This only...