Mobile HF Antenna Installation


I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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  1. Jacobus(called Koos) says:

    How do I convert WSJT-XFT8 on to my MIX-W log file?
    I am using my new Icom-7300 rig.(very pleased with the7300).
    Please explain what to do . Not very good with computers.
    73 the koos GU0GUX

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Koos,

      Thanks for the comment and question. That’s a very good question. I’m sorry, but I don’t know.

      Are you wanting to import the WSJT-X log into MixW?

      Rich, K0PIR

  2. Tom McCarty says:

    You can get a stainless steel 11/2 pipe and couplers and make your own I used screw in plugs with flat tops just drill 3/8 holes

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Tom,

      Nice to hear from you and great idea.

      I tried it on the front and it worked good, but later I tried it on the roof rack to get more metal underneath it.

      You just never know for sure about those things until you try it.

      Thanks for the info, best 73,

      Rich, K0PIR

  3. Dave c says:

    Would you be able to take a close up pic out the antenna feed point wiring as it seems like it does not have a standard so-239 connector.

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Dave, nice to hear from you and thank you for commenting here. No these do not have that. They are soldered and crimped on ring connectors for the braid and center wire. I’ll post the best photo I have in the article at the bottom. It indicates where the center wire is attached.

      Thanks again, best 73!

      Rich, K0PIR

      • bob ahlberg says:

        hi rich
        I have used Charlie’s hi-q antennas for 15 yrs I had a 4-80 on my 18 wheeler for 10 yrs mounted on the driver side mirror worked 120 countries from the big rig I now have the 5-80 im retired now so I, putting it on the house !
        cheers bob k0taz

        • K0PIR says:

          Hi Bob,
          Nice to hear from you and thank you so much for commenting here.
          It is a solid antenna and I think the one I have is an older one, probably 10 years old at least. I got it from a SK who lived in FL.
          I didn’t leave mine on the front because of engine noise. I mounted it with a quick disconnect on top and I am thinking about trying the 5-80 on the camper!
          Thanks Bob, best 73!
          Rich, K0PIR

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