Icom 7300 Com Port and USB Audio CODEC Fix

Hey guys! I'm at Devils Tower and operating Parks on the Air (POTA). My IC-7300 hit a SNAFU, so I wanted to write about it. The com port and USB Audio CODEC went missing in Device Manger. The next time this happens I can look back and see what the fix was. I had this trouble before and didn't write it down. Here's my USB Audio CODEC fix and it fixed my com port too.

Of course this will work with any Icom radio using the USB driver download.

The Problem

I am using Windows 10. So basically the trouble started when I was using Log4OM, WSJT-X and Gridtracker. I minimized those while talking to some Hams on the Cormac CQ 100 program. While chatting, WSJT-X showed an error "USB Audio not connected", "Soundcard input error" or something of that nature. I closed it and the logging program as well as Gridtracker. Later when I went back to open everything no joy. After opening Device manager I saw my Com port was missing as well as the Audio CODEC. That was the problem. It was not recognizing my Com port or Audio CODEC.

I tried everything including reinstalling the USB driver from Icom. Still nothing and in Device Manager the device (Com port and Audio CODEC) was showing up under "USB Serial bus controllers" and it had a warning icon attached to it. It was not working.


I uninstalled the faulty device (remember, it had a warning symbol next to it) from Device Manager and then disconnected the USB cable. After which I went to add/remove programs and uninstalled the Silicon Driver Program. Just search for "silicon" in the search field of add/remove programs and you'll find it. I restarted the computer for good luck, hi hi.


I was just getting ready to activate Devils Tower for Parks on the Air (POTA) and didn't want to wait. I started with phone (USB) on 20 Meters. So my logging programs would work I had the CI-V cable and I used it for rig control. Handy little cable. I made a bunch of phone contacts on 20 Meters. Yeah buddy!

Radio: IC-7300, Mic: SM-50, Antenna: Hi-Q Mobile 5/80 and 100 watts.


I tried everything including reinstalling the USB driver from Icom. Still nothing and in Device Manager the device (Com port and Audio CODEC) was showing up under "USB Serial bus controllers" and it had a warning icon attached to it. It was not working.

Eventually I went to the Microsoft website and downloaded the "Windows 10 upgrade 9252" file. It's under the Windows 10 May 2021 update heading. Click the "Update Now" button for the file. When I ran it Windows started a download of the update. It took a while, but eventually finished and told me I needed to restart the computer, which I did. On rebooting it did an upgrade and restarted a couple of times, but after about ten minutes or so, the Windows login screen came up.



I was able to reinstall the Icom USB driver and then connect the cable to my IC-7300. In device manager, eveything was as it should be. I was back up and running WSJT-X. I made another 20 or so contacts on FT-8 and now I can move onto PSK31.

Thank You

Lesson learned: Write this stuff down. The stroke I had messed with my memory and I am getting older.

Thanks and I hope this helps someone else. If you have had a similar problem, how did you fix it?

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Rich, K0PIR


Windows 10 May 2021 Update

Icom USB Driver Download

QSONet and Cormac CQ100

NOTE: Do this fix at your own risk. I don't see how you could lose.

Some photos from Devils Tower. Look for my spots on the POTA website.

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I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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2 years ago

God Bless you Rich! And thank you for taking the time to write it up. Will try that a little later and see if it is my trouble as well.

Thanks for instilling HOPE!


Robert R Smith
2 years ago

While I do not use Log4COM or GridTracker, I operate almost only FT8. This morning I saw WY7DT on 6 meters and tried to contact them. I don’t have a beam and I’m sure they did not hear me. Then this message popped up and I wondered if there was any correlation??? I don’t have the skills you have to debug an application but, I wonder if your trouble might have been caused by a difference between the above programs and Windows 10. It seems like that to me but then I would never have thought to take the steps you did. Goog job in getting it all back together so you could get back on the air.

73 Bob Smith WB6ODR

Bill Parris
2 years ago

Thanks for the report Rich. Glad you got it all working again. If this problem occurs again, what would be your first actions? do you think doing the Win 10 update first would have resolved the problem? Thanks Bill, AA4R

2 years ago

Rich, how in the world did you know to look up that Windows update and that it was what would fix the problem? GL and 73, really enjoy your postings, Rod/w7zrc

2 years ago

Thanks for all the hints on the ICOM radios, and for the descriptions of the parks and places you experience. I enjoy reading them. Stay healthy, 73, Lionel K6CEQ

Jeff mayfield
1 year ago

Hello thanks for posting this.
jeff mayfield

i also have a weird issue with radio.
when I turn on my 7300 it says device not recognize.

I have done ft8 once everything seemed to work

but my logging program n3fjp doesn’t work
well some features it works
but doesn’t bring in the frequency and band

i will have to check on this update. have a good day

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