Icom 7300 Firmware V1.40 – 3 Big Improvements

Just last week Icom 7300 users were given new firmware, Icom 7300 firmware V1.40. Three big improvements were included in this update that I really like. So, if you haven’t, updating the firmware is a good idea. Let me show you the 3 big improvements. Here is the complete instructions from Icom.

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1. Icom 7300 Scope Scroll Mode

This is something we have all been waiting for, scroll mode added in the Icom 7300 firmware. Instead of having to change edges or spans to find our frequency indicator (line) on the Icom 7300, the scope now will scroll over automatically. I like how they improved this.

Touch [CENT/FIX] for 1 second to select the Scroll mode. See the video below.

In addition to adding scroll they also increased the maximum number of Fixed Edges for each
band from 3 to 4.

2. ​PRESET Menu

[PRESET] is added to the second page of the MENU screen. You can save a combination of settings to quickly change, depending on your operating needs.

I am using the default (normal and FT8 with some changes) until I can think of other ways to use it. See the screen captures below.

Note: When creating a preset, don’t forget to “Write” the settings. See last screen capture from above. If you load a Preset and change bands it unloads automatically. If you power the radio off the Preset will unload. 

Note: For digital mode Presets you will still need to manually turn off NB, NR and set AGC to fast or off.

What I find better than the Icom 7300 PRESET Menu is the HRD DM780 preset for digital operation. I did a video a while back, so if you use HRD and DM780 that may be better for you. See: DM780 Macros – Quickly Set Your Radio for Digital Mode Operation

3. Multi-function Dial

I don’t know how many hams have complained about radios that don’t have a power knob for easy access to adjusting power, but Icom just fixed that with Icom 7300 Firmware V1.40.

When the Multi-function menu is closed, MULTI can be enabled to adjust functions by pushing or touching the item for 1 second on the Multi-function menus. The function is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

I am using mine to control the RF PWR.

Icom 7300 Firmware V1.40 Video

5 Minute Firmware Update

Thank you

If you have any questions, comments or solutions, please comment below. I prefer the comment section here or in YouTube over e-mail because your comments and questions will help others as well.

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How are you using the Presets and Multi-knob? Please post your comments below.



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1 year ago

At this moment i havn’t installed 1.40 bcse MY own most important thing for an update is the missing 60m BAND Button – how can it be that one BAND is still not there? Like an car that don’t hve the the 2nd gear and it seams that no one missed it than myself …. ..

Kenneth H
1 year ago

They also appear to have fixed my pet peeve: Response of the audio gain dial. Now there is a much smother response at low volume levels.

1 year ago

Did not find a hint that now the 60m Band Button is implemented. Can it be that no one than me is missing that ? – Are all the hams driving a car where the 2nd or 3rd gear is not there ? …. ..

1 year ago
Reply to  Juergen

You can program the channels or frequencies as a memory channel. Once there, you can scroll up or down the 60M band.

Francis Minor
1 year ago

Have a strange happening on FT8. Works great on 10,15,20,80 meters. But on 40 meters it says an input error. I don’t understand; it was working great and then all of a sudden no 40 meters. What should I look for? Thanks for all of you great videos

1 year ago

I can’t seem to get Winlink to transmit using either VARA HF or Ardop under the new firmware regardless of what settings I adjust. I tried the default preset and FT8 preset just to see what would happen. I finally had to downgrade back to 1.30 and all was well. Anyone else having trouble with Winlink under 1.40?

1 year ago

Nice article, Rich. Thanks for posting.
I believe the Power Setting (under “Multi”) is not new, but the other items surely are and very handy.

1 year ago

I notice a significant increase in audio distortion after applying the update. Anyone else notice this?

Steve Ellison
2 months ago

Where can I get this firmware if the japan website is down?

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