Icom 7300 Ham Radio Deluxe v6.5 Rig Control Quick Start



I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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  1. blank Awesome_Dude says:

    More than a pan adapter, I’d like a meter for SWR. If I am operating remotely, I’d like to make sure the tuner was tuned properly if I changed bands, or depending on the antenna I used.

  2. blank K0PIR says:

    Nice to here from you and thank you for commenting. Yes the SWR is one I pay attention too also.

    In the HRD Rig Control window (top left) I have three meters (bars). ALC, PWR and SWR. I don’t think they are very reliable, but an indicator at the very least. I have not used HRD for remote, yet.

    I have done the ICOM S-Meter Calibration. When I transmit the S Meter (large bar) goes to SWR. I think it is the best to look at for an indication of SWR.

    More to come….

    Thanks and 73,
    Rich, K0PIR

  3. blank Jay Kaplan says:

    I keep getting a comment too tong message try to send a comment. not sure why.
    Thanks for your website and videos. Own a 7300 and 756proiii.
    Won’t say anymore to see if this message works.

  4. blank Joe Wray says:

    I think the 7300 USB Send/Keying =>USB Send setting should be OFF instead of DTR because when I connect with HRD, Transmit starts automatically. Seems to work OK with DTR OFF. I’m having many problems setting up DM780 and would appreciate more videos/articles on that. Any idea when waterfall is coming to HRD? Thanks, Joe W4FKW

  5. blank K0PIR says:

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for commenting here and nice to hear from you.

    Yes it can be that way too. If all software settings and radio settings are exactly like mine, your radio will work with a multitude of software programs and there’s no need to change anything in the radio. However, most hams just use one or two software programs, so what you find is what works best for you. If it works, no need to fix it, hi hi!

    I have heard this year, but that just what is advertised in their newsletter. Hopefully soon.

    Thank you so much and I will keep using HRD DM780 and doing more with it. Keep in mind, I have never had RTTY (FSK) work well for me in DM780. It works great in MMTTY though and that’s where I use it.

    Best to you and yours.

    Rich, K0PIR

  6. blank Joe says:

    Rich, Thanks for the time put into all these videos and tutorials. I spent many hours on the free version without success with CW keying through the USB, then downloaded the trial version with the same results. No CW keying and I followed All your settings. CW RX works fine. Please help.

    The RTS comment one person stated about is true (IF some boxes remain checked) I had to go back and setup the same radio following your steps exactly. (6. nothing checked for CTS, DTR or RTS). Once HRD was rebooted, the radio no longer was stuck in TX.

    My radio control TX does key the radio, just nothing in trying to send CW.

    Joe, 7J1ADJ

    • blank K0PIR says:

      Hi Joe nice to hear from you.

      Have a look at this. You will need a CW interface and I am using a very inexpensive USB CW interface right now. It works very well. It connects to the CW jack on the rear of the radio. And with the 7610 that leaves a free CW jack on the front for my iambic key. I love the 7610!


      Rich, K0PIR

      • blank Joe, 7J1ADJ says:

        Thanks Rich,

        I’m using the IC-7300 and from what I read, I don’t need any other interface for CW keying. I have been asking a lot of questions on facebook and many say it should work but I just can’t find out why mine won’t. Stressed but have not given up. Still looking for a solution.


        Joe, 7J1ADJ

  7. blank K0PIR says:

    Hi Joe,

    In DM780 try using CW (Ky) mode. I’ve heard numerous Hams talk about using it. I’ve used it too, but it’s a little quirky.

    Rich, K0PIR

  8. blank Billy says:

    Hi Joe, I followed your youtube video on setting up the ic-7300. Upgraded to the latest firmware first, installed the usb driver for it. Started HRD and got the setup screen and all looked good…but when I hit connect it fails to load the frequency. It comes up with a message.

    “ic-7300, com 9, 115200”
    “Failed to read frequency. If using non standard cable may need to select RTS and/or DTR.
    Make sure radio isn’t in memory mode..”.

    Any suggestions? I set the radio up same as the first 7 screen captures on your setup page…

    • blank K0PIR says:

      Hi Billy,

      Nice to hear from you and thanks for commenting here.

      Use device manager and see if that com port (9) is correct. No need to select RTS or DTR on the connect window.

      Restart PC.

      Rich, K0PIR

  9. blank Billy (K1UFO) says:

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I reloaded the usb driver and now it is in com port 3, but still does not connect to radio.
    I have some screen captures I can send you if that helps, I appreciate you helping me with this.
    I also tried another usb cable…no help.
    Double checked the settings in the radio to match yours…they do.

  10. blank Billy (K1UFO) says:

    Hi,no I haven’t tried any other program. I will try the one you suggest and see what happens.

  11. blank Billy k1ufo says:

    Hi Rich, I downloaded the WSJT-X program and installed it. It seems to connect to the radio. I don’t know much when it comes to digital but seems like it would work.

  12. blank K0PIR says:

    If you are able to click on TEST CAT and TEST PTT in WSJT-X then it will work for you. Your com port is working.

    So there must be a setting in HRD off. Don’y use a Preset in HRD go to the New tab in the connect window and set it up again being careful of com port and speed.

    Also be sure there isn’t anything else connected to that com port. No other Ham programs that could be using that port.

  13. blank Billy k1ufo says:

    Rich, I got it to work after messing around with settings. Turns out that the USB Serial Function setting was set to RITTY Decode, when I tried the CI-V setting it connected right away when I started the program.>?

  14. blank Mike Roberge says:

    any idea on why the HRD logbook frequency will not update when I turn the vfo knob on the radio? I have to switch to the Rig Control screen, then click back to the logbook before the logbook frequency will change.

  15. blank K0PIR says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for commenting here and sorry to hear about the trouble.

    Is your HRD logbook connected to the HRD rig control? If not, go to the radio pane in HRDlogbook and click connect. Check the option also. HRD Rig must remain running.

    Rich, K0PIR

  16. blank Terry L Hartwell says:

    I want a panadapter…….

  17. blank K4FLX says:

    I am still not getting any audio into my laptop. Coming from radio. All else works fine in software as far as controlling 7300.

  18. blank kite says:

    Thanks for this post.

  19. blank Bob Watson KJ7JDH says:

    Wow, I have been beating my head for months. I can get HRD to see my IC-7300 but can not get the DM780 to send out CW to the radio. All other function seem to work. WSJT-X works fine. There has to be a setting in DM780 that is not right. I think I have tried all but the right one. Let me say that your time and videos are appreciated by more people than just me. Keep it UP if you can.

    Bob Watson KJ7JDH

    • blank K0PIR says:

      Hi Bob,
      Nice to hear from you and I hope all is well where you are.
      Thank you so much for commenting, I sincere;y appreciate it.
      I am now back tousing a CW interface.There is an inexpensive one that works very well. You will find a link to it on this page.
      Be safe, take care and best 73!

  20. blank Bob KJ7JDH says:

    Thanks Rich,
    I wanted to just use the single USB cable interface to the IC-7300 from HRD and DM780. I have not used CW since the 60’s so I wanted to just type in and let the software do the code this would allow me to catchup with the code as well. I just don’t understand why wsjt-x program works but HRD does not TX. Although the DM780 looks like it is transmitting the radio never sends. I guess that I will have to get the other cable also if I want it to work.
    Thanks and stay safe.

  21. blank Bob KJ7JDH says:

    Thanks and Best 73! to you. Keep the faith in what you do. We all need it!

  22. blank Dale Avery says:

    Hi Rich! I just sold my IC7600 and picked up an IC7300 and and IC9700. Found out that the Icom driver is the same for the 7600 and the 7300 so did not have to download a new one. Used your recommendations above and immediately am connected to the 7300 TU OM!

    Next want to install the DXE LOG-PTRX-7300 panadapter module. Have you done a video yet using that module along with HRD?

    BEST 73 and keep it up!

    Dale WU7X

  23. blank K0PIR says:

    Hi Dale,
    That’s great news. Nice to hear from you and I hope everything is good where you are.

    I haven’t used one of those but I’ve heard good things. Are use the RX7300 at one time and it worked great. Are use HDSDR on my ICOM 7610 quite often.

    Take care, be safe and best 73!

  24. blank Ted W4YJC says:

    Rich, I have a curious issue and wonder if you might have seen this.Running latest version of HRD to IC-7300 using FT8. WSJT-X is v2.2.0. Set to rear/data and data/pkt . When I transmit from FT8 the rig shows USB-D, but when it goes back to receive it changes to just USB. That is curious to me, but more important is it is dropping USB-D on some transmissions and not on others. Haven’t been able to find a cure for this problem, but wanted to ask you if you had seen the USB/USB-D switch from TX to RX. Thanks for all the help you provide.

    73’s Ted W4YJC

  25. blank K0PIR says:

    Hi Ted,
    It’s nice to hear from you and I hope all is safe where you are.
    When using HRD as the radio in WSJTX, for mode, use “None”. You’ll have to set USB-D on the radio but it will stay on USB-D.
    The way that I use it is with a CI-V cable for the WSJTX program. Then I can use the ICOM as the radio in WSJTX and the CI-V cable as the serial port in WSJTX. My USB cable is using HRD for rig control. You just need to have “Unlink from REMOTE” set in the radio to use two cables.
    Have a look at this.
    Take care and best 73!

  26. Rich,
    I’m absolutely new to digital, so trying to get my week old HRD to run on my IC-7300 has been a struggle. I have all my 7300 settings per your screen shots, have the Icom driver installed and HRD automatically connects to the 7300 when it is started some of my settings must be correct. However, when I try to reply to BPSK-31 messages the text in the send window is lined out as it appears in the receive/sent window but the 7300 never changes to transmit but instead remains in receive.
    Seems like some simple HRD setting must be wrong, but my lack of familiarity with HRD has me stumped. Do you have any suggestions that might help get HRD running

  27. blank JOHN ALBANO says:

    You really got a terrific web site with lost of useful information.

    Still can get the IC 7300 to connect to HRD v6.7.301. Fails to read frequency. Using a Valley Enterprises ICOM USB CT-17 FTDI with FTDI VCP IUSB Driver installed. Downloaded the Icom Driver and connected the USB cable. Both USBs show up in Device Manager (Windows 10-64bit Dell E6410 laptop). Got all you recommended settings for the Icom Connections Menu. Any suggestions?

  28. blank K0PIR says:

    Hi John,

    If you are using both cables do you have “unlink from remote” set in the 7300?

    See my screen captures

  29. blank K0PIR says:

    Hi ROBERT,

    It sounds like the push to talk is not working in DM780. It’s not putting the radio in transmit. Check what you have there.

    See this pic.

  30. blank Bob KE0REM says:

    My PTT is set up as you showed. I tried again tonight with a test message and DM780 worked as expected but the XCVR actually going into XMIT, but then remained in XMIT after the message was “sent.” I hit the XMIT button on the IC-7300 to stop the transmission – and then found the SuperSweeper screen message bar was frozen and no signals were showing on the waterfall. After restarting DM780 program, operation of the SuperSweeper returned to normal. Sounds like I need to talk with HRD for help!. I have reviewed some of their website information but haven’t found anything yet that helps Wish there was a published book like “HRD for dummies!.

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