Icom 7610 Clock, Timers and Network- How To

This post on the Icom 7610 clock and timers will not apply to the Icom 7300. It is very interesting though, so please read on. The Icom 7610 has an ethernet port, two clocks and 5 scheduled timers plus a sleep timer. It can also connect to your home networks router with an inexpensive wireless access point/bridge and sync time using NTP. Added Bonus: How would you like your radio to turn on automatically for you? I love this feature. Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I’m listening to my favorite net.

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Icom 7610 Network

In the Basic Manual the Network section starts on page 8-7, but before we can connect the radio to the network we need to connect it physically.

There is an RJ-45 port on the rear of the Icom 7610. You’ll need to run a cable from it to the router in your home. Just plug it into any open port on your router.

If your router is in another room and you’re physically unable to run a cable, there is another alternative. You can use a wireless access point/bridge like this one.

TP-Link N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Nano Travel Router

Setup the Network in the radio. MENU>SET>Network. DHCP is the easiest method, but if you are using RS-BA1 you’ll probably want to set it up as static. See the video below. 

Icom 7610 Clock and Timers

MENU>SET>Time Set>Date/Time. Set your local date and time. You can use NTP to sync your Icom 7610 clock. In the advanced manual on page 66 it starts with the NTP function, but before we can do this we need to setup the network as mentioned above.

I am using NTP because it synchronizes the radios internal clock with a time server. I’d bet the radio keeps pretty good time by itself though.


It can get a little confusing at this point if you would like two clocks and why not have them if they are available? CLOCK2 for me is UTC (see below), but it can be anything you like. Maybe a Pacific time clock?

icom 7610 clock

Icom 7610 Timers

Here’s where the fun starts!

The first timer is a Sleep Timer. It will shut the radio off after a determined length of time.

The second kind of timer is to turn it on and off on a schedule. 5 schedules are available. I have mine scheduled to power on in the morning on specific days.

Prior to setting a timer, setup a memory channel for the frequency and mode you want.

The physical Timer button needs to be illuminated for the timers to be enabled. Just push it once when you’re finished if it’s not already illuminated.

I’ll show you how to do everything in the video below.

icom 7610 clock



I like videos because it’s easier for me to show you. I’ll cover everything in the video including setting up a memory for your timer.


Thank you again for coming by and I appreciate all of the comments. If you have a question please comment below. I will do my best to answer it and your experience will undoubtedly help others as well.

Best 73!

Rich, K0PIR


Icom 7610 Advanced Manual

Icom 7610 Basic Manual

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I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to try new things in Amateur Radio.

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Salvatore Tamburrino
3 years ago

I am I8TSL , I was interesting in to know how can I to transmit cw with mat computer and keyboard. I have got usb wire connected beetwin IC7610 and computer and I now can decde cw trough thr sudio of IC7610 bu don’tknow how to transmet !!!
Thank You in advance 73
Sal I8tsl.

Joseph Massimino KQ4BX
3 years ago

Very good video, but let me add one detail about DHCP. If you log into your router, most will let you reserve an IP address for a particular MAC address. So if you give the router the MAC address of your Bridge, it will give you the same address every time you connect. So the DHCP address now becomes effectively a static address .

Ron Harris
3 years ago

Question about 7610:

I am trying to set up the radio for remote operation.

I want to use the built in web server and not be required to have a computer at the radio location.

I can not find any documentation about setting up using the web server.

There is lots of info about setting up the 7300 which does not have a web server.

Does anyone know where to find info about using the web server for remote operation?


Brad, N6GR
2 years ago

Hi Rich,

My “UTC” clock does not display. The local 24 hour clok works and sysncs via the network.

What else should I look at?

PS: I think I heard you in a SSB pileup after H33J. You were loud at my QTH.

9 months ago

Rich, addressing the IC-7610 clock, I’m ok with the accuracy of its internal clock.

When I shut down my IC-7610 the clock resets to 0000 and I have to reset it every time I power up the rig. To clarify, I have my entire station on a power strip so that I can conveniently shut everything down.

Is there a work-around for this?

V/R es 73,
Alex, N6DC

6 months ago
Reply to  K0PIR

Rich, you are a wealth of knowledge! Thanks and I have the same issue. When my radio is off for a couple days, and the power supply is also off, the clock resets to 0000, indicating the internal battery has little life…..in other words when I shut the radio off, and also turn off the power supply, at best the clock stays on time for a day or two before resetting to 0000….is this normal and any suggestions? Thanks again and I enjoy your ingenuity and knowledge. 73. Rich WA2ELW.

5 months ago
Reply to  K0PIR

Thanks….it is the 7610, and unfortunately, if the power source is off for even three days, even after charging the battery for at least 48 hours, the clock resets to 0. I would think it is the battery……don’t know how difficult it is to replace it…..thanks again.

5 months ago
Reply to  K0PIR

Yes I turn it off, but guess I will leave it on for now on……I do like the rig and use it mostly for cw . Again thanks and you are a wealth of info and ideas…..

John Rowing
5 months ago

For fun… I got NTP sync on a 7300 using an Arduino and a network shield by sending CI-V commands into the Remote Port …. https://youtu.be/q2oqa5LpxlY

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