Icom 7610 Firmware V1.30 – Scroll Mode Added

Firmware update for the Icom 7610. Icom 7610 firmware V1.30 adds the scroll mode operation. You can download the firmware update information here (the link to the actual update is below.) There are a couple of other changes that will be noticeable. Please backup and save your radios settings before making the update. As with everything please read the update instructions in the manual first.

Icom 7610 – Backup your settings before updating. They will be restored after the update.


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Icom 7610 Firmware V1.30

  • A Scroll mode is added.
  • The Scope function is RS-BA1 is improved.
  • The number of FIX EDGE memories is expanded.
  • A pop up screen that displays SPAN or EDGE is added.

To update from firmware version 1.05 or older to 1.11, the IC-7610 needs to have firmware version 1.06 installed.

Thoroughly read Section 6, SD CARD/USB FLASH DRIVE, in the BASIC MANUAL and the Section 13, UPDATING THE FIRMWARE, in the ADVANCED MANUAL, and follow the instructions displayed on the IC-7610 LCD screen.

BE SURE to make a backup copy of your data settings to an SD card/USB flash drive before updating the firmware.

The firmware will be updated to the following versions.

    • Main CPU: 1.30
    • Sub CPU: 1.05
    • Front CPU:1.01
    • FPGA: 1.06

Video (This shows an older version being installed. Use the latest Firmware V1.30)


I was looking forward to the Multi Function Knob update as with the Icom 7300, but maybe that will come later.

What are your thoughts on the firmware update for the Icom 7610? Please comment below.


Icom 7610 Groups.io

Icom 7610 V1.30 Firmware Update Instructions

Icom 7610 V1.30 Firmware Update


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Dennis Kimrey
14 days ago

Love the upgrade but I am with you. Hope they do the multi function knob like the 7300. Really like that feature on the 7300

Glen Jenkins
14 days ago

How about doing a VIDEO showing how to use the new features?

Adam Strack
14 days ago

Love the update. I’ve already added my edges and love the scroll feature. Used it a couple this weekend; so simple yet so elegant.

Jim Lancaster
3 days ago

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x