Icom IC-7300 eHam Product Reviews

IC-7300 eham product reviewsWow, only after a short time one of my favorite sites, eHam.net, has exploded with Icom Ic-7300 eHam Product Reviews! So far the consensus is overwhelming, this is an amazing SDR transceiver. I have yet to receive mine, but when I do I’ll be putting some serious air time in. Expect some videos too. I’ll make them as I go.

Excerpts from Icom Ic-7300 eHam Product Reviews

This is one fine piece of machinery. My other rig is a TS-990S so a comparison would be like apples and oranges. In some ways it is but in many ways it is not, especially the display…it is not. The ‘7300 display features are outstanding…right down to the ability to change RGB values for audio scope colors. The display is super sharp and the touch screen very responsive to a light touch. There’s nothing not to like about it. – K7FD
A really nice feature is the ability to adjust the reference gain on the waterfall. This allows you increase the sensitivity of the waterfall based on band conditions. Weak signals no longer get skipped from turning the VFO too quickly. – K4JTA
Very quiet receiver. There is a separate scope for audio (in or out) that displays the spectrum of received audio and also, in a nearby window, as amplitude against time. So you can use this scope to critique someone’s audio distribution rather than the panadapter. – W8MQW
Received my IC-7300 March 31th. Have used a lot of radio since 1956 but find that this radio brings the “fun” back into my operating experience. The display (and waterfall) are easy to read, Touch screen and controls are easy to use. Radio sounds great with just the internal speaker. This is a very friendly radio. – W7CKW
This is a superb little rig, Icoms ergonomics are outstanding, the touch screen just takes a little getting used to but it’s really slick. – EI2HW

The antenna tuner appears to be a winner too. It can tune an antenna with high swr in 3 to 4 seconds. 

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Many have said the receiver is quiet.

Other owners comment on how nice the Icom IC-7300 looks.

Everyone that I see are getting excellent audio reports using the stock hand mic. This is a real surprise to most. Some are using the Heil Pro Set iC, Heil iCM and Heil PR 781 (amp/mixer inline) with the same terrific reports.

Here is a video clip answering some common questions. Youtube is filling up with Icom 7300 videos. I hope you enjoy this one by Tomasz Miklas.



You can find more great and some “not so great” video clips in my Icom IC-7300 playlist. Browse through them.

If you have a Icom 7300 video you’ve made, feel free to add it to my playlist.

More to come. Please visit the IC-7300 eham product reviews page. More reviews are coming in daily.

Thanks for dropping by, best to you, 73 and good DX. – Rich, K0PIR

Sources for this article include:

Tomasz Miklas – YouTube Channel

Icom Ic-7300 eHam Product Reviews- eHam.net

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Richard Hardy
6 years ago

How much does a IC-7300 COST?

4 years ago

Mr. Kopir ,I live in Bahia Blanca, Argentina and I have an Icom 7300. I ONLY use this rig to listen to ham and shortwave communications.
Well I want to ask you if it is neccesary to change my 7300 for the new 8600 Icom receiver to get better reception.
Thank you very much.

Omar aredes
4 years ago

Hi Rich, its me again, to operate ( view screen ) on the laptop the IC7300 I need : 1.-: DX PATROL MK4, 2.- : ZSC-2+ Power Splitter/Combiner mini circuit, 3.-:INRA RX7300 Rx only input adapter, 4.-: ICOM CT-17, CI-V, CAT programming cable for IC7300. Already found where to buy each of them.
Am I correct. ?
Thank you for help on this matter.

Omar Paredes
4 years ago
Reply to  K0PIR

Yes, send me a link if possible showing the connections of the different parts.
Thank you rich.

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