N1MM Logger Recording and Saving TX Messages on the Fly

N1MM Logger+ recording is really very simple. It’s just takes a couple of keystrokes on the keyboard to record and save TX audio, like a CQ message. Last weekend I participated in the South Dakota QSO Party (video here) and used the CQ message quite often. The solution I’ve used over the years is called “recording on the fly”. See the video below. For SSB I used the F1 for my CQ message. I wasn’t busy enough to utilize the exchange or 73 messages.

For N1MM phone messages we have the option to use Audacity to record outgoing messages, but that’s more complicated. I don’t see a need for it in my case. Audacity makes better quality recordings though.

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My radios are the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610, but this method works with a variety of radios. N1MM Logger + document links are below.

N1MM Logger and Your Computer Microphone

Using a microphone (My Blue Yeti) attached to the computer and recording on the fly is pretty straight forward. Once the mic is connected and the audio level is set and N1MM Logger is configured, it’s as easy as a couple of key strokes and talking into the computer mic.

You can change your messages “on the fly” without any interruption to operating. Trying to use Audacity to do this would require much more effort.

I adjusted my mic audio first in Windows. See the video below.

n1mm logger recording mic setup

N1MM Logger Function Keys

To transmit the saved messages you can use the keyboard function keys. The alternative is the mouse (clicking on buttons in the software) and although it works I sometimes have trouble with it. Learning to use the keyboard is very beneficial. Now I use the mouse and keyboard together for the best results while operating RTTY, CW and SSB.

n1mm logger recording function keys

No need to edit this file.

N1MM Logger Audio Tab

Have a look at the Audio tab in N1MM Logger. In N1MM Logger go to Config>Configure Ports, Mode Control, Audio, Other… Set it up according to your station and computer. More in the video below.

n1mm logger recording

Video – N1MM Logger Recording Audio

In this video I setup my microphone level and then N1MM Logger for audio recording and playback.


Video – How It Works

This was recorded live and audio starts at 1:30 in the video. Jump ahead to 1:30 in the video. 


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N1MM Logger + Recording On The Fly

N1MM Logger + Interfacing Basics – Interfacing For Phone

Y-Cable for Electret/Condenser mics like the Yamaha CM500 or BM800:

Heil AD-1-IC
HS-01C Headset Adapter

I needed an adapter for the Heil cable to use with the CM500 and BM800:

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