New Firmware Icom 7300 v1.30 | Icom 7610 v1.10 Cautions


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  1. Jason Pye KD4LEM says:

    They also have a new driver, but it does not play well eith those of us using Omnirig . The firmware update went well. The new driver threw me for a rabbit hole adventure. I reloaded older driver, now back up and running.

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Jason,

      Nice to hear from you. Good to know. I have not used Omnirig in a while.

      I don’t think you’re alone on the driver. I’ll bet others rolled it back.

      Best 73,
      Rich, K0PIR

  2. John says:

    I have the IC-7300 and love its simple to use controls. I’m in the process of gathering all of the resources needed to install FT8. Will this update affect any of the digital settings on the radio – if installed?

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi John,

      Nice to hear from you and great question. I have not heard anything negative about this firmware update and the 7300. It appears to be working fine.

      I have not completed the update on my 7300, but did so on my 7610 and it reset all of the settings. I’m sure it will do the same on the 7300. So save settings before upgrading the firmware!

      Thanks for commenting.

      Best 73,
      Rich, K0PIR

  3. Hi Rich, watched your video clip and wondered that you reformatted the card again.
    It’s formatted earlier (it’s an update you’re talking about). Save settings and backup the card to a PC and then copy the extracted firmware ver. 1.30 into the existing 7300 folder on the card and then put the card back on the radio.

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Elvind,

      Nice to hear from you and thank you for the comment. I agree and it can be done it differently.

      This 7300 video was done a long time ago when the first firmware update came out. I am just showing the SD card needs to be formatted by the radio not the computer.

      I’m following along in the manual. If anyone follows the video (or manual), it’s hard to go wrong.

      Icom Manual: “Before using an SD card with the transceiver, be sure
      to format all SD cards with the built-in Format function.
      This creates a special folder on the card that you need
      for operations like updating the firmware.
      Format all cards, including a brand new SD card, and
      even preformatted cards for PCs or other uses.”

      These days I:
      1. Format the SD card in the radio.
      2. Save my settings to it.
      3. Move the card to the PC and copy the new firmware to the card.
      4. Move the card back to the radio and update the firmware.
      5. Load my settings if necessary.

      Thanks for commenting and nice hearing from you again!

      Best 73,
      Rich, K0PIR

  4. Ken Hendrickson says:

    Could you update your screen shots for the IC-7300 to show the settings changed by the 1.3 firmware.
    Ken Hendrickson

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Ken,

      Thank you for mentioning that. I appreciate the reminder.

      I have not upgraded the 7300 yet, but I will do so and get the screen captures updated.

      Best 73,
      Rich, K0PIR

  5. Peter - PA0PJE says:

    Hi Rich,
    On the firmware page:

    Download Type Firmware
    Version Version 1.11
    Update 2018/07/30
    Changes in this version

    Fixed an issue where the format of the Scope waveform data (CI-V Command: 27 00) output from the USB is incorrect in firmware version 1.10.

    Peter – PA0PJE

  6. Peter - PA0PJE says:

    Hi Rich,

    I wonder if and how we could let Icom open up the 472-479 kHz band for transverter output, as done for 135.7 to 137.8 kHz, as well and I would like to know why the latter is not the case in non-European versions. Many countries in Europe have opened 630 meters for CW and low bandwidth data. As far as I know this is also the case in your hemisphere. I gather this can be implemented in a firmware update.


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