Two Instances of WSJT-X Running Simultaneously with Two Radios Two Antennas


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  1. Larry Miles, N9AJI says:

    I am interested in using DM 780 for cw. I have tried it on the free HRD version, but it doesn’t decode fist cw very well. I know the fist is the primary problem, but I was wondering if maybe my rig/ computer settings might be refined to help.
    I am running on a IC 7300 using the free HRD software. If there would be an advantage to purchasing the current version of HRD, I would be open to that.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. K0PIR says:

    Hi Larry, nice to hear from you and thank you for commenting here.

    My DM780 does not decode CW perfectly, but it does a pretty good job. I can fill in the missing spots myself. Mainly what I use any of my decoders for is during a CW contest or a DX station sending 30wpm+. It will decode the call sign and exchange pretty well. It gives me some reassurance that I’m getting it correct for the log.

    A good software is CWGET and another one is Fldigi. Have you tried those? Maybe trying those will give you a better idea of how good your DM780 decodes. I don’t know if the most recent DM780 decodes any better than the old free version.

    Are you using a Narrow filter for CW on the 7300?


  3. Andy K5PO says:

    Are you running bandpass filters to avoid intermod in the two radios while operating simultaneously?

  4. K0PIR says:

    Hi Andy, nice to hear from you and thank you for the question here. Actually no I wasn’t using a bandpass filter. My filter on the radio was set to the widest 3.6k on both radios. AGC fast (not off), noise blanker and noise reduction off and running 20 or 30W. I could see a little distortion in the waterfall down the band, but not enough to interfere making contacts. I wasn’t using a lot of power and as I mentioned the 20m antenna is a two element tri-bander and the 40m antenna is an inverted V. They are both on the same tower. Just seems to work good and surprised me a little too. Sure kept me hopping! Thanks again Andy hope to hear you on their best 73!

    P.S. Maybe it’s just the Icom radios 🙂

  5. George says:

    I just got my 7610
    There seems to be a lot of floor noise in the 7610?
    With no NR, ATT, or NB, SSB OR SSB DATA 1 and the AF gain at 12 and vol at 12’o clock. It is a loud QRM hiss.
    My old FT 990 was quite the opposite, almost silent.
    Is this due to the SDR technology, or maybe an issue with the 7610.
    The noise reduction and filtration works great, but I would think a loud floor without an antenna attached would not be what you need?

    Thanks as always

  6. K0PIR says:

    Hi George,

    Nice to hear from you and thank you for commenting here.

    That’s very interesting and a very good question. I have not heard anything about that. I have tried it on both of my Icom radios and it is about the same hiss. Not very loud to me. You could go over to the Icom 7610 forum and see if the Hams there have an idea for you.

    Rich, K0PIR

  7. Tim says:

    I did this, but ran into a problem. I use HRD to control both radios and interface to WSJT-X. However, after I opened the second WSJT-X, it overwrote the settings on the first instance, from COM9 to COM4. So, I had both instances listening to the same radio on the same com port. How can I get around this

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Tim,
      It’s nice to hear from you, I hope all is well where you are.
      Did you set up the Shortcuts properly?
      Other than that, I did not attempt using HRD for the radio in WSJTX. I used the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 for the radios in WSJTX.
      It’s trial and error, hi hi.
      Take care, best 73 and good DX!

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