VARA HF Winlink Express E-mail Over HF


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Richard Boley
11 months ago

Aside from the 2 monthly costs there seems to be no others. I remember WINLINK modems being way overpriced and beyond practical justification. Other than the 2 subscription costs are there any additional other than the an existing “normal” ham station assembly? N3HKN

Don Frayer
2 months ago

How can I purchase VARA on an air gapped computer? ie: no connection to the Internet. I already have it installed.

Cleve Wheeler
1 month ago

Is Vara supposed to instantly install into winlink on download? All I still see in drop down is VARA winlink. v4.3.0 IS WHAT I DOWNLOADED TO REPLACE THE OLD VERSION. Cant drag it into the box either. ??? suggestions for filling in all settings?

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