What You Need to Know About Ham Radio Deluxe DM780 RTTY FSK


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  1. Dave Borchard says:

    Is FSK better than the USB-D mode on the 7610? I tried to get FSK to work with HRD before, and I could never get it working properly. I also have the RS BA-1 Second Edition remote control software for the 7610. Have you tried using the RS BA-1 Second Edition remote control software? I want to get remote control working for my 7610. I tried using RealVNC Connect remote control software from my MacBook Pro laptop to my Windows 10 Desktop that’s running HRD and connected to the 7610. I’m also thinking about trying the http://www.remotehams.com remote control software FCForb.

    Dave KY0L

    • K0PIR says:

      Hi Dave,
      yes I like FSK better because with the ICOM radio we can use the USB RTTY filter, TPF.

      I think it works better in contesting and/or when there is another station closeby.

      There has been mixed results with FSK and DM780. I used MMTTY stand alone a few times and imported my contacts into HRD Logbook.

      I have some friends that use remotehams and they like it. I have always wanted to give it a try, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

      Best 73!

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